POZ Personals Review

There are numerous things you have to consider as far as HIV dating is concerned. Many people have serious concerns with going out with someone who carries the condition, and you cannot really blame them. After all, these are highly contagious diseases. But, when you use the right protection, there will be a dramatic reduction in the risks involved. However, even this will not give comfort to a partner who is aware of your issues. It is the very reason why your focus must be somewhere else, such as taking your dating game to an HIV dating website. This is where Poz.com comes in handy. So, what makes Poz.com one of the leading online dating platforms for people who have STDs?


  • $49.99 good for 12 months
  • $29.99 good for 6 months
  • $19.99 good for 3 months
  • $9.99 good for 1 month

Features of Poz.com

The dating community of Poz.com provides two kinds of membership, namely basic and paid premium. When it comes to basic membership, you can sign up for free and it will then give you the freedom to access profiles of other members, share as much as 5 pictures, and even track the traffic to your own profile.

As of the time of writing, Poz.com boasts of its membership base composed of more than 100,000 subscribers all over the world. This makes it among the biggest dating website for people who live with HIV.

This website founded way back in 2005, offers a one of a kind dating environment for all HIV positive members who are searching for their ideal match. Poz.com is a website made for men and women alike as this cares and caters to the needs of the two genders no matter what their race, nationality, sexual orientation, or location might be. Not like the rest of the HIV positive dating platforms out there, Poz.com only allows its members to send a limited number of emails to the new users. The members who opt for the basic membership plan of the site also get the chance to block the members that they don’t like or they don’t find that interesting.

Editor’s Verdict

Poz.com is a dedicated website with the purpose of giving its HIV positive members with the chance to date and feel loved all over again. The site opens doors to people who have already lost hope in meeting the perfect lover because of their health condition. The site also provides tons of services to its members. Such services include mentoring, medical information, and community forums.

Poz.com is a rather informative website and provides a good solution for people who live with HIV. The website also understands the essence of dating and this resolved the issues through making the whole process simpler to help its HIV positive members. There might still be some flaws to this site that require some improvement. And just like other dating sites, it is a must to stay as safe and secure as possible when you deal with this site.