How To Maintain A Happy Relationship With A HIV-Positive Person

HIV relationshipThe more time you put in a relationship, the more you learn about your partner. Several revelations can be as little as learning that he or she had a 6th finger as a kid. However, some could mean finding out more serious like learning that your partner has HIV or also known as human immunodeficiency virus.

There are numerous myths about HIV positive people and one of these is that it’s impossible to keep a sexual, healthy, and happy relationship with a normal partner. Well, this isn’t really true. If you have learned that your partner is HIV positive and you know that you don’t have HIV, you’re in a mixed-status relationship. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to maintain a happy relationship with an HIV-positive person. Some of these include the following:

Be Aware of Your Status

In any kind of relationship, communication is the key. Therefore, you should openly discuss and know your HIV status. Both partners should be responsible for being knowledgeable of their sexual health’s status. It’s recommended to get tested with your partner and share results prior to engaging in sexual activities. Being aware of your status reduces transmission.

If you have learned that your partner has HIV after engaging in sexual activity, it isn’t solely his or her fault if you didn’t take the initiative to protect yourself through getting tested. Everybody must get tested at least once every year. Those who are HIV positive must get tested often.

Make a safe space when talking about sexual health. Some often focus on HIV a bit too much. There are some STDs that may happen. Discuss about the recent history and take note that there are some resources for both negative and positive individuals. Know that mix status couple can still have a rewarding and healthy sexual relationship by knowing one another’s status. Being open as well as discussing status helps normalize risks. An honest and open discussion about HIV transmission and risk is an essential way to avoid HIV and normalize discussions.

Know More about HIV

According to experts, talking to doctors about PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis is worthwhile always. This is a pill that HIV negative people can take daily along with some prevention methods including a condom to protect against HIV. The pill is also advised to HIV negative people who have HIV positive partners.

Treatments as Prevention

Treatments as prevention is basically when HIV positive people are on HIV medication schedule to minimize HIV in the bloodstream to undetectable levels. If they are engaged in medical care each 3-6 months and taking medications as directed, they minimize the risk of transmitting HIV to negative people by up to ninety-six percent.

Having supportive medical providers to walk you through is important for education and support. Many professionals can provide you with HIV care that you and your partner need and deserve to have a healthy and happy relationship.

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